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TLSB is a public institution established by an Act of Parliament No. 6 of 1975 and is under the Ministry of Education Science and Technology. The main function of the Board is to make accessible to the people of Tanzania, quality information materials for the purpose of  education,  training,  research  and  continuous  life learning and enhance new discoveries and inventions for country’s sustainable development.   The Board also promotes respect for indigenous knowledge and production  of traditional literature (local content) in order to improve reading culture and knowledge growth among citizens. TLSB has a network of 43 Libraries including the National Central Library (NCL), regional, district and ward libraries. The TLSB goal is to improve library and information service delivery throughout the country and expand its library network to reach all library users, especially, those residing in remote areas, thus supporting Nations’ Development Vision 2025 contributing to a well-educated and learning society. The TLSB website is a hub through which the vasty world of information and knowledge resources can be found. Our Motto: Use the Library, Educate Yourself, See the Opportunity, Improve Life.